Representative Disputes

  • Auto and truck collisions resulting in property damage, personal injuries and death.
  • Allocation of settlement funds in multiple death and serious injury cases.
  • Jones Act Seaman, contractors and, passenger, personal injuries and death occurring on ships, supply boats, tugs and barges, offshore drilling and production platforms.
  • Property damage to docks and other shoreside structures.
  • Collisions between vessels in navigation.
  • Commercial and residential first party insurance disputes relating to coverage issues.
  • Property damage involving windstorm, hail, flood and, structural damage to residential structures, commercial strip centers and, multi-story buildings.
  • Wrongful termination, ADA compliance, sexual harassment and hostile workplace environment, constructive termination and, workplace discrimination.
  • Mineral estate subsurface disputes regarding pooling agreements, lease covenants, disputes between mineral estate and operators, drilling and production companies.
  • Servient estate surface use damage claims.
  • Pipeline natural gas contract dispute between the end user utility company and the pipeline owners-supplier.
  • Boundary and easement disputes involving rights of ingress and egress, participation in easement maintenance, leases and, construction claims.
  • Lease term negotiations between lessor and lessee
  • Asbestos, silica, benzene: settled entire dockets of toxic tort cases involving hundreds of plaintiffs against numerous defendants and resolved settlement allocation issue between defendants.
  • Alleged chemical releases by major chemical and refining companies into adjoining neighborhoods involving hundreds of claimants.
  • Will contests between estate heirs and, heirs and executors.
  • Disputes between trustees and beneficiaries concerning accounting and administrative costs and allocation of trust funds.
  • Primarily surgical procedures that allegedly fell below the standard of care resulting in injury and damages.
  • Surface, subsurface and, groundwater contamination and damage resulting from leaking surface and subsurface petroleum storage tanks.
  • Oil field surface and subsurface contamination from open pits and abandoned pipe and other structures in the field.
  • Contamination of property and groundwater from pipeline ruptures.

Industrial workplace hearing loss of several hundred refinery workers mediated in multiple groups over a two-year period.

I have mediated and settled many industrial workplaces. Injuries occurring in chemical plants, refineries, oil field and, other types of industrial settings.