Perry has served as a Special Court Master in a number of cases involving complex legal matters.

As an example, as special master, district court appointed him to review several thousand pages of allegedly attorney-client privileged documents and make a recommendation to the court if numerous claimed privileges applied. After reviewing the documents and virtually every exception to the attorney-client privilege, he applied the law to the facts and recommended to the court that the majority of the documents be produced. The court accepted his recommendations. The case was appealed to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. Mr. Neichoy’s recommendations were upheld on appeal.

The court also appointed Perry to make recommendations to the court regarding the division of insurance proceeds following a vehicle accident involving two deaths and multiple serious injuries. After conferring with each family member of the deceased and injured claimants, his recommendation to the court was accepted.

Perry has also served as special master in making recommendations to the court involving the allocation of settlement funds among hundreds of plaintiffs in an industrial nuisance case.

He has served as special master on multiple occasions involving all types of discovery disputes.


Perry has served as arbitrator in several damage award allocations among the parties.


Based on his experience as a mediator and having mediated many different types of liability and damage issues, he has consulted with lawyers on case evaluation and mediation strategy issues.